Picture of Add a Touchscreen to Your Project
Add graphics, real-time information display, and a dynamic user interface to your microcontroller project with a touchscreen!  In this instructable, I'll show you how to use a touchscreen to:
  • Display true-color images
  • Create a dynamic user interface
  • Show data with gauges and dials
  • Use touchscreen input in your project
Continue to the next step and I'll show you a few demonstration projects to get you thinking, then I'll show you the parts you'll need and how to include a touchscreen with your project.
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Step 1: Example: Webcam Viewer

Picture of Example: Webcam Viewer
A touchscreen can augment any project that interacts with users or displays data.  It's also handy because it can show true color, 24-bit images.   This webcam viewer displays webcam streams from the Internet and displays them on the touchscreen;

The Propeller connects to the Internet, grabs the webcam image and caches it on an SD card.  Then, it updates the touchscreen every minute or so with the most current webcam image.  Here's the sourcecode with usage notes.

Step 2: Example: Program Chooser

Picture of Example: Program Chooser
Here's a Program Chooser for the touchscreen — a menu is displayed on the screen, and you select what program will run by tapping on the icon;

The chooser is stored on EEPROM and other programs are stored on the SD card.  When you make a selection the chooser loads up whatever program was selected.  The loaded program can be anything, whether it uses a screen or not.  Here's the code for this project.
PriyaM55 months ago

how to interface touchscreen with raspberrypi?

srihan3 years ago
can i place or program touch anywhere where i got a full display of its size...... or actually i made a prog of keypad ignition system for my car... and i want to use a touch keypad for it rather than a matrix keypad ... can i use it...