Picture of Add a USB port to your clock Radio
Well I got this idea pretty much out of nothing. I sometimes use my phone while on my bed, and the Cord is a tad too short, or rather the plug is too far away. You could argue "Get a longer cord" But wheres the fun in that! So I looked over at my clock and thought "its missing something"

A USB port is what it was missing. This is all pretty simple stuff. Get a clock radio, get a USB charger and figure out how to make it fit. Simple Right? The only downside is I had to remove the tuner that tunes the radio, not that I use it anyway.  I put the USB charger in where the backup battery belongs. Nice little storage compartment.

*obligitory warning* Im not responsible if you get shocked, or you do something wrong and something bad happens.*

Step 1: Obtain a Clock Radio and a USB charger

Picture of Obtain a Clock Radio and a USB charger
You Have to have these already. I found a USB charger at walmart for $5 bucks, took it apart and had a look at the insides. Its your basic Flyback SMPS thats everywhere.  Not much to do here other than Look at the insides. It also Helps if you start taking apart the Clock Too to see what kind of room you have to deal with.

Your Situation will be Different depending on what model you have.

jgregory833 years ago
Great idea Nerdz! I just had that moment of "Why did't I think of that?"
Great idea ! I'm always crawling under the bed or behind the table looking for the charger cord.Think I'll do this !! Cheers
Nerdz (author)  Lectric Wizard3 years ago
The only thing is the cord that came with the charger is wayyy to short. Simple solution is to use the one I got with my HTC phone.
greggspen3 years ago
Apart from the fifteen I used in this comment I am completely lost for words.
Nerdz (author)  greggspen3 years ago
:) is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Great Idea :)
All alarm clocks should have USB, cool idea!