Picture of Add a barndoor to a worklight
People who cannot afford to purchase professional lighting units often resort to using halogen worklights. This project allows you to add industry standard PAR56 worklights to the unit.

Unlike other designs, these doors are not fixed to the unit, and can be removed oompletely, or rotated to any angle.

Uses standard steel brackets available from any hardward store

Step 1: Material List

3 x 20mm 'L' brackets
3 x 40mm 'L' brackets
1 x 75mm 'T' bracket
3 x 3mm bolts (10mm long)
3 x 3mm lock nuts
Two part resin adhesive (Araldite)
500 watt work light

Heavy duty vice
Screwdriver with 3mm head
Large file
3mm steel drill
Plasticine type adhesive
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