I had seen similar headphone hack on lifehacker, but as I am not as confident of my soldering skills as many, so I did not want to cut up my good pair of [in-ear] headphones. Also, I noticed when I tore my last pair of headphones (always make sure you haven't let your headphones fall half-way out of the door); they were Kilpsch S4's and they appeared to have 3 enameled wires inside instead of the usual 2, and I am quite sure that noise canceling sort have all sorts of extra odds and ends. 

The main point is it's reckless to cut up a good pair of headphones, even if you have superb soldering skills, and what happens if you get a new pair of headphones? 

This instructable will fill the void that I found on the internet with a short and simple headset hack, adding a 3.5mm jack to your mic/action button [iphone] headset.

What you will need:

1 Headset - needs to have the mic before the individual wires split - none of the kind with the mic on one side or the other
1 solderable jack - found mine at Radioshack
soldering gun
xacto knife
wire stripper
1 beer 

Time: ~20 minutes

Step 1: Cut and Strip

Just like it says: Figure out how much wire you need based on the length of your jack, or however much you want. Add a little extra to be safe, and nip it in the earbud.

Strip the wires, but be quite attentive as the pair of internal wires are easy to damage. As shown in the picture, I stripped about 1.3cm (.5in) from the end, which is necessary, to be able to reach the solder points inside the jack.

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