This instructable is going to be all about adding a flash to the end of the Nyko Perfect Shot gun grip for Wii remotes.
I like the grip a lot for shooting games like Resident Evil, but to me it lacked the visual accents that a real gun has. Accents like the flash when the gun is shot.
This instructable is pretty simple and easy to follow. I also added a rechargable battery so it doesn't use the Wii remote's battery power, they run out fast enough as it is.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

This instructable doesn't need very many materials.

-1x Slider switch or rocker switch, must be pretty small
-1x small form factor rechargable battery - 3.6 volts
-1x momentary switch - The softer and quieter the better - I think that is the type of switch
-Lots of wire, thin wire
-1x headphone jack and socket
-1x cell phone backlight or white LED

-Philips screwdriver
-Soldering iron
-Wire cutters
-Wire strippers
-Hot glue gun and plenty of glue
wow any ideas about adding recoil <br><br>im looking into this for a project of mine does it feel hevay or light cheap plastic
you could probably try using a vibrating motor, thats probably the closest you can get to recoil.
A small solenoid could be used, one on each side to give you a balanced movement and not screw up those perfect skeet shots on Wii Play. ;)

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