Introduction: Add a Personal Touch to Your Piece of Furniture

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Equipments : -varnish glue
                         - old magasines and old newspapers

Step 1:

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1- Choose in newspapers and magasines images and articles you want to use to decorte your cupboard and cut up with scissors. You can tear up too, for a more unstructured effect.

Step 2:

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2- Take your cupboard and wash it with washing-up liquid and tepid water to wash away any grease.

Step 3:

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3- Apply a coat of varnish glue directly on the cupboard and apply carefully your pieces of magasines. Smooth them with your hand. Take care not to trap any air bubbles!

Step 4:

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When the whole surface is covered, apply a final coat in all the surface. Wait 24h and you can utilise your cupboard and put objects on the surface. The varnsih glue is waterproof and protects your cupboard so it's useless to apply an other coat of varnish.

Step 5:

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5- Go work !


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2011-11-29

Awesome! Great way to make a nice, one of a kind piece of furniture!

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