Picture of Add a rapid-fire button to your mouse using a 555 timer
Does your finger get tired easily while playing video games? Ever wish you could pwn n00bs faster than the speed of light without ever breaking a sweat? This Instructable will show you how.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
Originally, I built this circuit specifically to make the Engineer/Scout's pistol in Team Fortress 2 more effective, but I've found uses outside of TF2 that increase productivity when I'm working, which makes this an incredibly useful mod.

This circuit can be added to any mouse. Yes, that's any mouse, following these simple steps.

For this Instructable, you will need:
- 555 Timer IC
- 8-Pin IC Socket (static discharge or heat from soldering tends to ruin 555s, so we use a socket)
- 10K Resistor
- 1K Resistor
- 4.7uF Capacitor (voltage doesn't matter, as long as it's 5V or over)
- Normally-Open Pushbutton Switch (any kind will do)
- Some wire
- Glue (to adhere the switch to the mouse, so hot glue or epoxy will work well for this)
- Solder
- Soldering Iron
- Wire snips
- Fine-nosed Pliers
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Use this for breaking buttons in Roblox. Its a fun way to troll (of course don't do it all the time or you will have a negative impact on others)

kvafan1 year ago

I can make these for those who dont know how to or just dont want to, add me on skype [-kamelhmmvafan-] (remove [--])

zam72 kvafan5 months ago
I dun have skype
Are you in singapore?
wliu31 year ago

would it be better to connect a 1n4001 to the output? to prevent damaging the 555.

sconner11 year ago

In the old, old days it was called point to point wiring.

This is before there were circuit boards at all.

Tubes, coils and large caps were mounted in a chassis and then resistors, small caps and jumpers were soldered in to connect the parts in the right ways.

Everything old is new again.

byff1 year ago
can some one tell me if the lines that go threw are connected or not I know the ones with the dots are connected please help
sconner1 byff1 year ago

When reading schematics and electronic diagrams, generally, only the dots are connected. Think of them as wires and solder joints. When wires cross without a dot, the insulation keeps them apart.

sammydogjj1 year ago
Great project. It takes some patience to solder a ic chip, but eventually you'll get it done. I had to modify the case too. My timer and other components are mounted externally on my mouse. For those who can't find a socket just get any available one. (I used a 14 pin socket)
sammydogjj1 year ago
Would a 555CN timer work fine? Just want to be sure before making.
zariaman1 year ago
Anyone interested in making one for me? I will pay.
Bartuss2 years ago
I'm tf2 player and I love this! :P
crayzeedude2 years ago
Is it possible to re-attach the case so the mouse is as it was (except for maybe a hole) before the hack?
an ne555p will work for this right?
sure :D
ralbuera2 years ago
I made one just today...test result showed 14 clicks per second, not bad :)
ausetisis6 years ago
could you vary the speed with a potentiometer and were could you put it?
yes you could. put it instead of 10K resistor
but can you give me the specifications of the pot.
I used a small 0-50K linear trimmer pot. You can try diffrent values depending on how precicely/widely you want to be able to adjust the frequecy of clicking.
take out the 1 k if i remember right and put it there, I mite be wrong I have done it before I just can`t remember.
Awesome! Worked for me perfectly!
Ninjanator3 years ago
i made this but when i use it it only clicks once
zigzagchris3 years ago
Is it not possible to use a hack on the computer?
mothflavour2 (author)  zigzagchris3 years ago
It's possible, but some games can identify when software is being used to do stuff like this. This is a totally hardware-based method, so it's undetectable by those systems. I also limited the speed of the clicking to something that is actually attainable by a person on their own.
pikagod3 years ago
I don't normally post comments, but I am actually trying this project and I planned on doing exactly as someone else here did. I want to add an on/off switch instead of a button, but wouldn't the button simply be completely disabled when the switch is in the off position? meaning the clicking wouldn't work period when its off?
fun project i have done this it works great. i tried it on roblox....but did had to change some settings
Max_Veteran4 years ago
IS this possible to use this for games such a cs 1.6 ?
AustralLord6 years ago
is there a way to make it shoot faster?
mothflavour2 (author)  AustralLord6 years ago
Try replacing the R1 and C1 with lower values. lowering the value of R1 from 10K ohms to 5K ohms (or more practically 4.7K ohms) will double the speed. You can do the similarly by lowering C1 from 4.7uF to, say, 2.2uF.
sure, but specific games have limitations too. have to experiment.
Good place for a potentiometer, don't you think?
I just finished this mod and my mouse lost power on the optical light and cant move it anymore but the mouse can click fast any ideas or does anyone know whats going on
check for a traces that has got extra solder connecting them. You probably soldered one thing to another
Marche4 years ago
Just a heads up; you probably shouldn't leave the reset and control pins floating. With the 555 I used I just tied the reset pin to VCC.
The control pin should be connected to ground with a 10nF capacitor.
After that it should work fine.
Shagglepuff5 years ago
Nice job, but a script may be more convenient. Here's one that I amde in AutoIt.
Press " ` " to use it.

The problem with a software solution is that it can be detected by anti-cheat software (Punkbuster, Warden, etc.). The only way this could be detected is visually by other players or administrators.
the 555timer is a fancy flip flop .. it doesnt have a ic chip its all resistor,capacitors inside ... i used an EN555 on a rapidfire mod on a 360 controller.. creating one on a mouse is very intresting.. will it work on a wireless mouse though? i own acouple of cheap $15 wireless mouse i would like to try this out on

IC stands for integrated circuit. The 555 is a circuit made up of resistors, capacitors, and (I believe) a transistor, all integrated into a single chip for ease of use. Pretty sure that makes it an IC.
it will
Im wondering it will drain the battery.. i used alkine and being that my cheap mouse they drain the battery like alchoalics to a bottle of wine

i think its time i should buy rechargable type nickle metalhydraite .. or cadimum

what type of 555chip did you use in the experiment?
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