Step 2: Constructing the Circuit

Picture of Constructing the Circuit
Following the circuit below, solder the parts to the 8-pin IC socket. How they're positioned is not cruicial as long as the connections are correct, since the goal is to have all parts connected in the most compact way possible.

This technique of building circuits is called "discrete wiring", or more frequently, the "dead bug technique". For simple circuits like this one, it can be used without worry, but anything much larger, and you should definitely use a circuit board.
byff1 year ago
can some one tell me if the lines that go threw are connected or not I know the ones with the dots are connected please help
an ne555p will work for this right?
sure :D
Ninjanator3 years ago
i made this but when i use it it only clicks once
fun project i have done this it works great. i tried it on roblox....but did had to change some settings
ausetisis6 years ago
could you vary the speed with a potentiometer and were could you put it?
take out the 1 k if i remember right and put it there, I mite be wrong I have done it before I just can`t remember.
Max_Veteran4 years ago
IS this possible to use this for games such a cs 1.6 ?
Marche4 years ago
Just a heads up; you probably shouldn't leave the reset and control pins floating. With the 555 I used I just tied the reset pin to VCC.
The control pin should be connected to ground with a 10nF capacitor.
After that it should work fine.
uger iceman6 years ago
what resistor should I use if i needed it to run off 2 AA batteries
IIRC, the resistors are there for timing purposes, if you're still wondering.
Make sure your timer IC can run off of 3V though!
Staffboat5 years ago
Just to point out if you wish to say that Pin6 is connected to Pin2 you must use the small dot which indicates that the intersecting wires connect or attach
DWG21R5 years ago
Your 555 timer chip is either numbered incorrectly, or the location of your numbers are off..

It should go from 1 to 8 counterclockwise from the bottom right corner. Where yours the numbers seem to be almost all over the place..
rujoesmith6 years ago
will this work on a gamecube controller also? Like say i wanted to make a rapid fire a button, what would i need to do
comodore6 years ago
What is the correct side of the left mouse button? The beginning or the end, so to say ? Before the original mouses switch or after? Great project , I want to build this, that's why I'm asking.. Thanks!