Add a Third LCD to Your Portable Screen DVD Player





Introduction: Add a Third LCD to Your Portable Screen DVD Player

This could be 2 instructables: hacking an off-the shelf LCD screen into a smaller package, and adding an A/V output to your DVD.
The premise is that I needed to have MORE than 2 screens for the in-car DVD player we take on road trips.
I used an INTEC 5.6" screen for Playstation 2 (chubby) bought off Craigslist for $15. Not having the requisite PS2 for it to clip on (I don't do games, sorry) I decided it needed a new shell.
I'd like to have had a better screen to use; this one has atrocious contrast and poor color, but hey, this one is going in front of the 2-year-old and it was CHEAP.
My DVD player is an RCA dual-screen purchased from Tiger Direct. It has served us well on road trips before, but new additions to the family require more viewable screens. I could have bought a second DVD/LCD combo, but that would mean I would have to climb back to start DVD's twice as often. And I am lazy.

Step 1: Free the LCD

This step involves dismantling the original frame to obtain access to the parts.

Step 2: Preparing to Add an Output Jack to Your Existing Player

Here I opened up the existing DVD player and found the correct pins to solder to for A/V output.
First, I de-soldered the camcorder jack from my dead camcorder. This jack allows composite video and L/R audio through the associated 'camcorder' cable. Since the add-on screen had composite and L/R RCA jacks, this was the natural choice. Also, desoldering braid is a beautiful thing, if you have never used it ;)
Next I plugged the camcorder cable into its own jack and used the continuity function on my multimeter to find which pins corresponded to the rings on the plug.
Lastly, I opened up the case for the DVD player and I plugged the AV jacks into the Master player to determine which contacts on the board corresponded to RCA pins.
Hopefully I have labeled all the pinouts correctly, but when in doubt...check continuity!

Step 3: Placing the Jack in the DVD Player

Once I had a jack wired with the correct jumpers and the jumpers correctly attached to the Board, it was time to attach the new jack.
There was plenty of room in the back of the main DVD unit. I just drilled a hole and glued in the jack.
I used quick-set epoxy on the 'shoulders' of the jack (where the faces would solidly meet) and used hot-glue to strengthen the connector once the epoxy was set.
I think a little epoxy made it into the plug, because it is exceptionally snug now finished. It works, though.

Step 4: Making the New Case

This step involves modifying a container in which to put the 'third screen."
I used a $1 pencil box from a Dollar Store.
What was nice was that it was nearly clear, so to cut out all the holes, I just held the components behind and traced with a Sharpie.
I used a Dremel to cut all the slots and openings, and a couple of files here and there to smooth out lines.
The REAL last step is to cut slots to run strips of velcro through so I can attach it to a car seat.
Hope you liked it.



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    My question is what would i need to add a thrid screen with the USB system on the 2 screen portable dvd ?

    i want to figure out how to add an a/v input onto my portable dvd player. i have an input , but no output. but i am unaware of where to solder the 4 wires on my dvd player. can you help me if i send a pic?

    1 reply

    correction i have an output***

    would it be possible to do this with an old laptop lcd? i would like to use it on a plastation 2 console.

    1 reply

    I don't think so. Laptop LCD's take a direct video signal from the video card. Any gaming console is going to be putting out a composite signal, at the least.

    I think if you painted the project box, that it would have a more professional look. Have you thought about it?

    1 reply

    It looked entirely professional at first glance to me.

    yes, like meritsetgo, I would like to know if there is an Instructable out there for adding A/V jack? More so the connection to the PC board? I see the wiring pic of the L&R; audio and video wires you soldered to the PC board. I have a portable SpectronIQ DVD/CD player that doesn't read discs anymore and we have a Coby DVD player that needs a connection to a TV or a screen. I would like to basically make it a portable monitor so I can hang it on the wall in my 9 month old boys room or slave it from another dvd player like this instructable. Great work by the way!

    its a two screen dvd system for the car, (i got a set at wall mart) but he just photographed one of the first two and the third.

    I was hoping that the post title would say it all, but SOME PEOPLE just HAVE to find flaws... I had a great shot of all 3 screens working but didn't include it because the add-on screen was not in a case yet and looked TINY comparef to the others.

    is there an instructable on adding an A/V input to an inexpensive portable dvd player? mine only has outputs for A/V only but would like to use the screen to play my videos from my camcorder while on the road

    I also use the dollar store for supplies for a great many of my hacks :) great instructable!

    Nice! Looks hard (agreeing with LinuxH4x0r). YAY TOY STORY!!!!! +1 rating.

    I was going to ask why you didn't just keep it in the original package to keep it more professional/stock looking... Then I actually read the words... >.< Nice I-ble!

    Great job! Looks good, but hard