Add an auxiliary (MP3/Ipod) input to your car's stock radio

Step 2: Locate the CD changer plug & Pins

Picture of Locate the CD changer plug & Pins
Locate the CD changer plug and gain access to the pins for audio transmission from CD changer to head unit. It should be something like the socket below in the lower right hand corner. They usually have about 8 or so pins arranged in a circle.

Now here's where you have to do a bit of googling. Figure out what the pin layout is for your radio's CD changer. Try searching with something like "Honda Accord 1996 CD changer pinout" I was able to find this layout for an Acura which was close to my Honda for the basis of mine. Remember, there's only a couple car makers, so there's a lot of similar equipment out there across brands. Honda Civic may be close to the Accord, and also close to an Acura. The same should apply for domestic cars made by the same manufacturer.

The 3 pins you need are:
Signal Ground
Left Channel
Right Channel
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Djox5 years ago
 Hi i am trying to get my ipod working with my factory HU in nissan micra 2005... i read this DIY, and trying smething but it did not work! i found the info about pinouts of my HU "link" and i think that i should use 18,19,20 pinouts on bloc C right? as mentioned above, any help?
geekdude Djox5 years ago
cant get to your link. so idk.
im guessing you wont be able to do the same cd changer trick we did with a newer car. newer cd changers tend to digitize the audio before sending it to the radio.
you might be able to find a input jack or wires for one though.

Hi, Im wondering - what is that long plug in the center of the first picture in step 2 called?
Nice i'ble by the way.
thats where it plugs into the car. its got power, output to front and rear speakers stuff like that. I could go into more detail if you wanted me too this is the same as my radio in my civic. there is no audio input pins though
thnx, wat voltage / amps do u think that plug puts out, 12V right?
yep 12v not sure about amps.
geekdude5 years ago
I never thought of that. I was thinking I would have to add some type of pic chip or something to make it think its playing a cd.