Introduction: Add Bling to Your Thing. (leather, Brief Cases, Phone Cases, Belts)

Picture of Add Bling to Your Thing.  (leather, Brief Cases, Phone Cases, Belts)

Make your plain stuff look great!

Stuff you need:
Buy "conchos" at leather shops or hobby stores (about $3-4 each)
Leather punch tool or an awl tool.

Step 1: Installation

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Find center of location to mount and punch hole.

Step 2:

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Place mounting screw through hole from the back.

Step 3:

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Install concho from the front of the item.  Cell phone holder.

Step 4: Modeling

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Darn, I'm getting fat.

Step 5:

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Zoomed view

Step 6:

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Fort Worth Longhorn. Cow town baby!

Step 7:

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Make your briefcases look good too.  Texas Lone Star and Fort Worth Longhorn.

Step 8: Hasta La Vista Baby!

Picture of Hasta La Vista Baby!

Zoomed view.

Step 9: Adios

Have fun and your feedback is appreciated.


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Bio: I prefer to make my own things whenever possible.
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