Add in-line outlets to 110v appliance power cord.

Picture of Add in-line outlets to 110v appliance power cord.
Seems there will be no end to the devices we add to our TV. Some are optional, but recently our cable company told us we had to add a converter to get digital broadcast. So I need to plug the converter power supply somewhere. The wall outlet is full, so I could add a power strip, but do not want to. And my wife wants it to look good, so that is the real motivation. Don't want it to look like this intro photo.

I decided to add in-line outlets to the existing TV power cord. That is what this Instructable describes.

NO, the intro photo does not show what we have in our house, but it does make a point.
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Step 1: Buy the end-of-line outlet type connector.

Picture of Buy the end-of-line outlet type connector.
I thought there would be a clip-on type outlet I could buy for in-line application, but could not find any at the hardware stores. There are plenty of end-of-cord outlets, but none for adding in-line to an existing appliance cord. OK, they may exist somewhere, but I gave up looking and decided to make one myself.

There are many of these, meant to just clip over the end of a standard 18 gauge double strand cord. You lay the cord into a groove in the outlet, then clamp the connector closed; there are prongs that penetrate the cords to make the connections.

I bought one, thinking I could modify it to meet my needs.

Step 2: Modify outlet for in-line use

Picture of Modify outlet for in-line use
IMG_0158 (Medium).JPG

The outlet I bought was only for end-of-cord use, there was no way for the cord to continue through the outlet.
I created an opening for the cord to pass through by cutting away a portion of the hinge. Photos here show before and after. 

I want to do exactly this, add an outlet to an existing power cord. I couldn't find an inline outlet, or even a cord end outlet, locally, but found one online. It's a Pass & Seymour 2609BPCC10

Nice! This is awsome great job!
rimar20002 years ago
Interesting idea, Bill

Another theme: yesterday I cancelled definitively the project of gas conversion to the generator, after many failed attempts.