Grab A temporary tattoo, A Sponge or Paper Towel
and some clear coat or clear nail polish

Step 1: Apply It!

Apply the Temporary tattoo with the wet sponge or paper towel (or whatever you chose)

Step 2: Now Peel It

Peel off the back of the temporary tattoo and be careful!

Step 3: Take Clear Coat/ Nail Polish

Add A layer or two, or however much you would like, with a sponge or the nail polish brush

Step 4: Done! ;)

Enjoy your new "log" on your xbox or whatever you chose to put it on XD
<br> It's, more of an idea: &quot;put temporary tattoos on something other than skin&quot;<br> Have you stuck these on anything else?<br> <br> L<br>
well yea, its not permanent, just a fun thing to do in a few minutes. and i actually have not done it on anything else. but i have had this one on for a few weeks and nothing is wrong with it. its still just like it was when i first put it on. But like i said, i don't expect it to last long-term
<br> When they do start wearing thin, update the last step with &quot;they lasted (this long)&quot;. It's one of those useful things that I tend to forget...<br> <br> L<br>
funny I did something similar to my wallet about a month ago. August 6th to be exact. lol. oh also it would be nice to see a pic of the xbox with the new logo in step 4.
lol thats cool, and yea i was thinking that i should add the picture. and thanks for your view and comment :)

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