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Introduction: Add Ram

This instructable will show you how to add ram (random acccess memory) to a desktop.

Step 1: Locate More Ram and a Computer

When buying extra ram, make sure the ram is compliant with your motherborad for example mobo's designed for ddr2 won't work with a mobo designed for ddr, also make sure it is a compliant frequency most main boards accept more then one frequency. After selecting the proper ram find a flat surface to begin work, make sure it is a flat surface such as a table or counter. Make sure it not carpet. After setting the computer down open it up. Ensure you are discharged by occasionaly touching a metal object. Inside the computer you see the main board, look for the slots next to each other. Get out the additional ram, check the slot and the ram to see if they each match up. Make sure the securing for the ram are open.

Step 2: Insert the Ram

After making sure one last time on everything (including discharging your body) Insert the ram all the way making sure its seated all the way shut the slots securing the ram in place. Then trying to jiggle it around it make sure its sercured in place. Shut the computer and boot up if running xp it will display a screen "the amount of system memory has changed" Continue and have fun computing!



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     Windows 98 also says something like "the amount of system memory has changed." 

    .........destroy.......and that "0.00001" volts is called ESD, and 0.00001 volts will not destroy ram. Think before you make comments like that.

    Instead of always "discharging" yourself, plug your computer into the wall, but make sure it is not turned on. Even thought there is no power running, any static electricity will jump to any grounded metal in your pc, going through the wire, into the wall, and finally to the ground.

    i got a Windows Vista computer..but i dunno what kind of ram it uses...can u reply back and tell me what kind it PROBABLY uses?

    If it is a new computer, the chances are that it uses DDR2.

    Yo could you do this with a laptop ??

    How do you find out what kind of motherboard do you have? Do you just open the tower and it will say next to? Thanks.