Step 4: Bolt!

Now we just have to line up the plate and casters over the holes we made, then bolt them in. If you want to make it really weather-tight, you may want to add some rubber washers on the inside of the bolts.

There you go! You now have a metal plate with wheels on it attached to your bag. No more lifting for you!
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does it leak? or do you have rubber washers too. I often thought of adding wheels ... the aluminum plate is a great idea.
Thank you for the upload :)
If you put the plate on the inside of the bag, you wouldn't get any strange looks by airport security either.
If you want your instructable noticed, you should include a picture of the finished product and use it for the Intro page. Step 1 should be the acquiring of tools and supplies.
Looks very solid, much better than the plastic things you often find on luggage. How much weight does this add? L
All in all, I probably added about 4 pounds to my bag, the bulk of that coming from the solid iron wheels. The aluminum plate is quite light itself, so if you used that and maybe just rubber wheels, you could probably keep this down to 2 pounds or so extra weight.
Thanks for the reply. Wheels are great until they break. Here you can be sure of carrying the extra 4 pounds without failiure, at the expense of a small disadvantage in lifting. L

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