Adding Bluetooth to a Motorcycle Helmet





Introduction: Adding Bluetooth to a Motorcycle Helmet

Riding my motorcycle for long periods of time without any sort or radio got dull quick. I started to wear my bluetooth earpiece inside my helmet, but it was anything but comfortable. So I decided to add bluetooth to my helmet, but helmet kits were expensive going over $100+. Looking around on amazon I found a cheap stereo bluetooth headset for just $25 which I integrated into my helmet. Here's how I did it.

Step 1: The Headset

The Bluetooth headset I used was the SoundBot SB2200. It cost me $25.

Step 2: Unscrew the Screws

After unpacking the headset, you're going to want to pull off the ear cushions. Then get your hands on a small flat screwdriver and work those screws off. They're non standard screws, but with a little maneuvering you can get them off no problem.

Step 3: Pull the Wire Out

Now with the earpieces apart, make note of where the wires go. You're going to unsolder them in order to remove the wire from the plastic neck strap.

Step 4: Make a Hole

Find a good spot to mount the controls on your helmet. Make a hole large enough to pass the wires through. I don't show it here, but I removed all the cushions from the inside of my helmet to make maneuvering  of the wires easier.

Step 5: Mount It All

You're going to need some spare wire to extend the connection from the speaker to the main board. Also you're going to need to remove the microphone from the main board and mount it somewhere in your helmet. When you've done that, just run the wires to the hole in the side of the helmet and solder them back onto the main board. Use the previous picture for reference if you have to.

Step 6: Finished Product

Now for the finishing touches. I reattached the plastic pieces to the speakers and hot glued them in place inside my helmet. Then I removed the tape from the controls, placed them in an appropriate position and glued it down and made sure to glue all the way around rim so there were no gaps. Test it out. Mine worked great. It was loud, I sounded clear when i talked through the microphone. All for $25. Saved myself  $100!



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    Yeah.....this is good except for the whole drilling through the helmet thing.

    Yeah, it's funny how people don't realize that this destroys the structural integrity of the helmet, making it much more unsafe.

    Lvultao first of all, great project. Wanna try something like that (minus the drilling lol) anyway so you have any picture of the board from the side of the buttons. Really wanted to make the board waterproof with silicon or something like that.

    this is good. I thought u would be drilling a bog hole but I feel this hack is beautiful.

    Thanks, although in hindsight I should have but the controls on the left side instead of the right :-/

    Oh yes. Haha. I generally keep the visor open so I can cool my head ( let the air in)..BT no use investing in noise cancellation headphones. Would make it too expensive, for me, just for the helmet. Thought abt making it waterproof?

    Besides sealing up around the control panel with hot glue, I don't plan on doing any more to it. I only rode in the rain once, didn't have any problems.

    So, a year latter, how is it holding up? I take it, from the ad on Amazon that these are somewhat water resistant. How about the battery? How is it holding up? It sure looks big in that picture. I don't see how they fit it inside the headset!

    It held up pretty well for as long as it lasted. I ended up getting a new helmet because I crashed with that one on. The force of the impact popped off the controls, so I'd suggest finding a better way to secure it to the helmet. As for battery life, it was great for the few months I was using it. The battery was mounted in the speaker housing without the control buttons, but I rigged it in the helmet closer to the controls because i had space there. The only thing I could probably complain about was that I wish it was louder, but for a $20 hack; it was plenty.

    Does this headset come with two speakers? if so then did you mount the other one on the opposite side in the same fashion, minus the hole? I'm getting the same headset as you, so i'd like to do this the same as how you did it. Thanks!