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Adding Entries on the Registry Subkeys of the Company’s Knowledge Base System

In order to add a registry value into the knowledge based system, make suitable changes in the registry. After making the changes, export the subkey. Any exported subkey will be saved automatically as a .reg file. To add and export subkeys, follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

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Click start, then click run, type the word ‘regedit’ in the open box and finish with clicking ok.

Step 2:

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Locate and click the subkey with the required items for changing.

Step 3:

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Click file followed by Export.

Step 4:

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In the given File Box, type a file name for saving the registry items. Use a file name that reminds you of the items within the file to ease reference procedures and calls.

Step 5:

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In the file box, locate the right pane, which will be used to save registry items.

Step 6:

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In the right pane, add the registry items to the saving file as desired.

Step 7:

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Repeat the third and fourth steps to export the subkey another time, but apply a different directory name for the .reg file. This .reg file will be used to make any other registry changes required on other computers.

Step 8:

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Test the changes on the local computer. If there is a problem, double click the backup file with the original data registries in order to convert them to their initial state.

Step 9:

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Locate five other computers in the network and repeat the testing process to change any failing files to their original .reg state.

Step 10:

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If the tests are successful with no problems, distribute the .reg file to other computers in the network by using the method that will be input in the ‘Distribution of Registry Changes’ folder in the administrator network workstation.


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