Adding Feet to a TRS Model 102 for better viewing

Picture of Adding Feet to a TRS Model 102 for better viewing
The bigest problem(with the TRS Model 102) is the viewing angle, the desk in class slants away from the sitter and being on the tall side… well the mix just makes it hard to see the screen.  I needed to be able to change the view angle so…. after looking for a small and consolable “cooling stand” to prop things up….
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Step 1: Item list

Picture of Item list
Here is the Solution!
I found this at Radio Shack for about $8
It has 3 levels of rise, less that $8, light weight and easy to install.
Bellow are the feet out of the package.

You will also need alcohol swabs for cleaning.

Step 2: Cleaning and Preping

Picture of Cleaning and Preping
Clean and prep your surface well.  I have had the feet on for over 2 years and they are still going strong.  

What’s that you see,  a maple leaf?   Yes this 102 did start off in Canada.. now if I can only find that Zed key.  Sorry folk I am full of bad humor.

Step 3: Installing the feet

Picture of Installing the feet
Done, I just peel and stick, i put mine just bellow the cassette and modem ports and on the battery compartment.

It was simple and easy.  Your can do it too.