Are you looking to add surround sound to your entertainment center. Do you want to add speakers to other rooms in your home or apartment. Then this is the video for you!

In this video I add 2 additional speakers to an existing stereo I had in my apartment that is around 15 years old. I use the stereo to play music as well as sound from my TV. I placed the two additional speakers in my kitchen, but you can place them anywhere. It 's a great way to add surround sound to one of your stereos today!

Thanks for watching and feel free to comment below!
Hate to tell you... this isn't surround sound! Surround sound has at least six channels. You only have two.<br><br>If it's too large it might take sound away from your front speakers??????? Um... if you overload your amp, you're going to blow the amp! If you got speakers that are made for your amp, then most likely your amp was only meant to handle those speakers. If you add more speakers and you crank your system, then you will most definitely blow your amp.
<p>Thats right! </p>
<p>your music system is just 2CH output. if you want to extent the speaker, your audio player may have AUDIO OUT (in RCA) or DIGITAL(using COAXIAL or SPDIF) </p><p>You need to plugin the RCA output or DIGITAL ( only for digital amplifiers) to other amplifier to use other speakers. To convert your system into 6ch hometheater, you need to use DIGITAL OUTPUT for real surround. DON'T BLOW YOU AMPLIFIER BUY CONTINUING THIS METHOD!</p>