Adding USB charging port to 2009 Volkswagen Jetta 2009

I wanted to add usb charging functionality to my car so the battery wouldn't drain when used navigation function on it and also I wanted to free up my 12v power port/cigarette lighter.

I decided the neatest solution was to replace one of the blank buttons that were in the console and fabricate a new one with a USB connector embedded. I used some polymorph to make a mold of the existing button and create the button with sugru molded around the connector.

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Step 1: Material/Tools Required

Picture of Material/Tools Required

Material Required:
 Polly-morph(for molding)
Sugru (Black)
1 Male - Female USB cable
1 USB car charger
Petroleum Jelly

1 Spline (star) drill bit Bit (to remove ash tray from Car)
Dremel type cutter
soldering Iron

Step 2: Step1 - Removal of the ash tray compartment

This step is specific to the VW GOLF/Jetta your car may vary

1. Remove the plastic cover from around the gear stick

2. Unscrew the two screws with the spline screwdriver bit

3. The whole astray compartment should be loose now

4. Disconnect the ASR & Cigarette leads

5 Remove the whole unit

Step 3: Make the mold for the port

1. I want to make a mold of the existing button

2. I  coated the area with the petroleum jelly. This prevents the polymorph from sticking to the ashtray unit. 

3. I heated some polymorph in some hot water and got it ready for moulding

4 . Place the polymorph over the area you want to replicate and make sure you will be able to remove it when it cools

5. Wait for the polymorph to cool sufficiently be fore removing it

6. After its cool enough it will be fairly rigid you can go ahead and remove it

7. As you can see I have moulded some of the other blanks - this will help later on when we are lining up the finished port