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It's my first instructable, and I wanted to share with world what hawe I done this time. Time to time I play with many of things upgrading it's functionality. But with this one I like to share. By the way, sorry if my language is bad, but there, in internet you already are familiar with that, I prefer. So, closer to case, you bought your iPhone4 or iPad, I got my iPhone too, so that's nothing exceptional. You bought VGA adapter, I bought too, and it drains baterry fairly quick. So there it ends, add USB to your VGA adapter, and I wil try to explain how. Sadly I dont hawe all steps with coresponding images, so I will use what I hawe.

What you need:
1. Apple iPad VGA adapter
2. USB cable with one end 4 pin USB A jack connector
3. Soldering iron with small tip
3.1. Hawing flux will help a bit.
3.2. Some tin
4. Knife
5. Pliers?
6. wirecutter

Step 1: Opening 30pin Connector

Picture of Opening 30pin Connector

Somehow you need to remove inner plastic bezel from 30pin connector side. its glued there, so with some screvdriver, knife or somthing else help you need to open it. If you dont broke it while opening, than when you end it will look as new.

Step 2: Remove Shielding

Picture of Remove Shielding

Than you need to remove shielding, it's soldered around, so start with smaller ones, and last open at the wire side. Actualy I didn't unsolder, I just scraped exces tin with knife, and then gently cracked open it one by one.

Step 3: Customize Shielding Plates

Picture of Customize Shielding Plates

Broke down one side of that shielding part from booth plates, so there is room where to place wires.

Step 4: Solder Back One Plate

Picture of Solder Back One Plate

Solder back one plate in place, but remember to leave open side with IC's.

Step 5: Solder Your USB Cable

Picture of Solder Your USB Cable

1. Cut off other end of USB cable that you dont need.

2. Make hole in plastic case for wire and put wire throught it, don't miss it!

3.Solder USB wire as in picture (F-Free)


4. Solder USB shielding somwhere to metal casing (if cable has one)

USB pinouts:
30pin connector pinouts:

Step 6: Solder Back in Place Last Shielding Plate

As in steps title solder back in place last shielding plate.

Step 7: Putting Together Plastic Case.

Picture of Putting Together Plastic Case.

Slide it all in place, and glue back that small plastic bezel.

Step 8: Use It!

Picture of Use It!

Wuola, now you can watch movie and charge your idevice simultaneously.

For more advanced adapter usage google for TVOut (of course you need Cydia.)


Coky Jazz (author)2016-01-27

Is anybody ever made something like this to camera connection kit?

tfarris (author)2013-08-14

This might be an odd question but do you plan on selling that or want to make any I'm willing to pay for it

jasonZak (author)2013-07-31

'w'≠ 'v'

kmdu59 (author)2013-07-19

thats a link to a app to view cable setup

denty (author)2012-08-16





solder red in 26 TPB (-) FireWire Data TPB (-)?
AND SOLDER 22 IN 22 TPA (-) FireWire Data TPA (-)?


Thorius (author)2012-01-12

Works great!

cncwanabe (author)2011-09-25

how do I make a vga out cable for my ipad I have been looking for a while

centaurboi2 (author)2011-09-09

Where can I find pin out information? i.e. Power pins, data pins, audio pins, etc. Thanks, cool instructable!

agis68 (author)centaurboi22011-09-25

if already you are owner of any of Ipad, ipod touch or iphone there's specific application named pinout...has all the pinouts forms....if you dont have any of those and you are PC or MAC users just visit....
and russian site but uses english so its very helpful

ctrlaltdel02 (author)centaurboi22011-09-11

Links where to find pinouts is in instructables 5th step.

denty (author)2011-09-12

by using this?

you solder pin this


and the pin usb this

1 VCC Red +5 VDC
2 D- White Data -
3 D+ Green Data +
4 GND Black Ground

for example you solder pin 2 is d+(green) you solder in (green) 2 GND Audio & Video ground (-), internally connected with Pin 1 on iPod motherboard (as the pinout 30 pin connector)

2 GND Audio & Video ground (-), internally connected with Pin 1 on iPod motherboard
3 Right Line Out - R (+) (Audio output, right channel)
4 Left Line Out - L(+) (Audio output, left channel)
8 Video Out
Composite video output (only when slideshow active on iPod Photo)

or Component Video Pb


best regards

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