This instructable walks you through how to add a wireless remote control to your existing Monkey Light M232 bike lights. I love these lights - 42 rad patterns, loads of different colors, two brightness settings and low power consumption. But one thing seriously missing is wireless control - everytime you wanna turn these on/off or change the pattern/color, you must stop, search for a very small button to push, then start riding again - Really?!? The M232 completely installs on the wheel, so a wired switch would not work. I thought about using bluetooth controlled through a smartphone, but the prospect of clumsily handling and consequently dropping my iPhone led me to consider a basic remote control. And I have tons of 'em. Let the dropping begin!! Also, IR receivers are cheap: less than a buck at Solarbotics!
The general concept: TV remote sends IR signal to IR receiver, IR receiver sends data to Arduino, Arduino triggers a relay which is connected to the M232 power button, power button turns the lights on.
I used a solderless breadboard for initial circuit design. When I was satisfied it worked, I soldered all components onto a breadboard.

Materials needed:
Monkey Light M232 - http://www.monkeylectric.com/m232_bike_light/
any remote control - I used an Apple remote 'cuz it's small
9V battery w/ connector lead
small breadboard
7805 voltage regulator https://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Components/LM7805.pdf
Arduino - I used a Pro Mini https://solarbotics.com/product/50725/
IR receiver - I used a TSOP 4038 https://solarbotics.com/product/TSOP4038/
5V relay - I used an Omron M5SB-14 http://www.omron.com/ecb/products/pdf/en-g5sb.pdf
short wires

Tools needed:
soldering iron
utility knife
side cutters
needlenose pliers

Step 1: Arduino Pro Mini

I chose the Mini because it is, well: mini! As it does not have an onboard USB connection, it requires a USB to TTL converter  https://solarbotics.com/product/39240/  to connect to your computer. Select the appropriate board and com port for your Arduino. Make sure you have communication (download sample sketch 'Blink').

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