I ride my bike to work year round and I found the need to be able to charge my phone when I ride, especially when I’m using it for turn by turn direction.

Wiring your bike for use with a cigarette adapter is simple but I looked around to see if there were some instructions or a kit I could buy but I didn’t find much in the way of step by step instructions, and the only kit I could find was for a bout $50-$60, money I did not have to spend on this project.

I did find some chatter on a forum about two ways of wiring (this may seem obvious). One going directly from the battery so it is on all of the time or two connecting to the switch so it can be turned off. Since there are LED lights on cigarette lighter socket and car charger, I opted to go for the switched option.

My bike is a 04 Yamaha R6 (This model still has enough room under the rear seat to do this).
Phone needing charged on the road iPhone 3G

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

• DELTRAN Battery Tender Ring-Terminal Harness w/fuse maybe 2
• DELTRAN Battery Tender Extension Cord 12’
• 18-14 AWG Mid-Line Tap
• Shrink tube
• Zip ties
• Soldering supplys or Butt Connectors
• Automobile Cigarette Lighter Socket (with cap if you can find it)
• Multi meter
• Car charger for what ever model phone you have
mmm are we missing the point here, if you take your battery out for winter you won't be needing your phone on your bike
id love to see the Garage door opener
One thing to keep in mind on this, is that if you have a connection to an external battery charger (for those of us who can't ride every day/winter) You already have a connection for the socket. I like using the tank bag with this.
Thanks, I guess I'm spoiled here in California, having never needed to set my bike up for winter hibernation.
i take the batter out of my bike in the winter

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