Adding a Dash Camera to My Drive Record Unit.


Introduction: Adding a Dash Camera to My Drive Record Unit.

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My DRU has proven to be most useful.

It serves as a reverse camera and also records video of the front and rear cameras while I'm driving. For dispute settlements I want the instrument cluster or dashboard readings recorded. Here is how I installed it. First thing was to drill a tiny hole at my steering wheel trim.

Step 1: Mounting the Camera.

I bolted the bracket onto the trim then screwed the camera on its bracket. I routed the wires into the bottom panel.

Step 2: Getting Data and Power Ready.

The 12v supply I took from the pre-installed dc dc converter and I proactively had the cat5e cable ready for this camera.

Step 3: Hooking Up.

Using cable ties I secured the cables and plugged in the camera.

Step 4: Adding to the DRU.

Using the plain default settings on the camera I added it to the ispy software that is the heart of my DRU. Now I have a record of my speed plus turn indicators when I'm driving!



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