Step 5: Soldering N 1/8" Output

-Now we will be soldering the wires to our output jack. (pictured is a 1/8" jack)
-Locate the GND, Left, and Right pins of your jack and solder the corresponding wire to them.
...most companies have a schematic layout of the pins on the packaging, if not, then try and trace which one will touch the tip of the plug (left channel), the "ring" (right channel), and the Ground (sleeve or shaft) of plug.
-Tinning the wires here will also make it easier to connect
<p>Hi!</p><p>I just put this together in the dual RCA configuration, but I'm a little stuck.</p><p>So the Super Game Boy still works, games play and sound still comes out of the coax, but the sound from my added RCA jacks is VERY quiet. </p><p>I can hear it quietly, if I turn my amplifier to the maximum, and it's the same for both the left and right.</p><p>Any ideas on troubleshooting where I went wrong?</p>
<p>Worked it out!</p><p>I had RCA jacks that had a &quot;barrel,&quot; &quot;break,&quot; and &quot;spring&quot; terminal, and I had wired the signal to the spring instead of the break. Works great now!</p>
<p>so I did this exactly with an 1/8&quot; stereo jack and I get no sound at all. I hear a high pitched but quiet buzz. When LSDJ loads, it activates the jack and turns off the audio coming from the TV but no sound plays through the headphone jack. Any thoughts?</p>
<p>Hey! yeah, it sounds like you have a short in the wiring. Make sure that the connections to the Cap are not touching the metal sides (its a tight squeeze) and also that the ground connection is not touching or &quot;grounding out&quot; the signal. Let me know!</p>
totally now can sit and use the interface of super nintendo to make music....sweet<br>

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