Adding an audio jack to a MUJI wall CD player

Picture of Adding an audio jack to a MUJI wall CD player
The MUJI wall-mounted cd player is a nice piece of minimalist Japanese design (it got added to the permanent collection of the museum of Modern Art in New York in 2005).

It has one problem though: the internal loudspeakers are of very bad quality and it's not possible to use it with externals speakers because of a missing audio jack. However it's very easy to add one. This instructable will show you how.
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Step 1: What you will need

  • a female 3.5mm stereo audio jack with switch contacts (normally closed)
  • soldering iron and some wire
  • a mini drill or dremel

Step 2: Open the cd player case

Picture of Open the cd player case
Remove the 4 screws on the back of the cd player. Open the case and remove the on/off switch as well as the power connector. You'll find that the two speakers are connected with a 4 pin plug towards the bottom of the player. The two black cables are ground, red is right channel, white is left channel.

You'll need to desolder/cut the red and white cables from the speaker and additionally one ground cable (on the photo I picked the one connected to the right speaker).

Step 3: Make space for the audio jack

Picture of Make space for the audio jack
I used a dremel to widen the slot so that the 3.5mm jack fits through the slot. You probably have to experiment, or you could just use a drill with an appropriate bit. A 2.5mm jack might fit without drilling, but I haven't tried that.

Step 4: Solder the cables and fit the jack

Picture of Solder the cables and fit the jack
Solder the wires you removed from the loudspeakers to the audio jack. There're usually 5 pins on it: 1x ground, 2x left channel and 2x right channel. Make sure you solder the cables to the pin which is connected to an inserted plug (test it with a 3.5mm solderable plug and make sure you get the polarities (L/R) right). The 2 other pins need to be soldered back to the speakers and will only be active when no plug in inserted (= normally closed). Solder the black cable from step 2 to the ground pin on the jack, and another back to the speaker's ground.
evgiller5 years ago
could you do this same sort of proccess with an audio left and right RCA plug so i can have it connect to my amp?
jberkel (author)  evgiller5 years ago
sure, or you could just use a 3.5mm -> RCA adaptor. I prefer the jack plug solution because it's small & not very intrusive.
jberkel (author) 6 years ago
note: you probably don't need to cut the ground cable. it should be enough to connect a wire from ground to the audio jack's ground pin in step 4