Adding Emotion to Your Money





Introduction: Adding Emotion to Your Money

We tend to get pretty emotional about our money, but what if your bills we're able to smile at you when you get them and frown when they're leaving you. They can!

Materials: A bill! any denomination, as long as it has a famous person on it

Step 1: First Fold

Fold the bill towards the reverse through the left pupil of the portrait. This is a mountain fold for all you origami people. line up the upper edge of the bill to ensure a perpendicular crease. use your finger nail to make a good crease. Straighten out the fold.

Step 2: Second Fold

Repeat step 1 for the second pupil

Step 3: Last Fold

Bring both creases together and make the fold in between them. This is a valley fold. This creates an M shape in the bill

Step 4: Now Make the Queen (or Andy) Happy

pull the left and right edges of the bill slightly out, to spread the folds out a bit. Be careful not to pull so far that the folds you make straighten out. Once you have M shaped fold spread out, turn the bill and the portrait now smiles or frowns depending on the angle you're holding it at.



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    Cool, now where did i put andy?

    dangit i live in New Zealand and we have advanced plastic notes!!!

    hahaha i love doing this, im sure here in the uk its illegal because its defacing the queen.. meh -_- anyways... haaappy :) saaddddd :(

    argh.. I live in europe.. we don't have any faces on our money

    argh.. i live in Australia.. we cant fold plastic notes ._.

    haha, awesome! now only if i had some money to try it with..... ;)

    hmm... strange how this is posted on the day this is on QI
    go to 12.22 to see it

    Darn, can't see that in the US!! Sounds like would be good.