Adding Icons to Removable Drives





Introduction: Adding Icons to Removable Drives

Remember this? Yes it is that old, unattractive icon that appears when we plug in our removable drives .So, let's change it! Okay, registry editing is out of the topic so we gonna use Autorun files to do it.

Step 1: Find Your Favorite Icon

Search on the Net for an icon. I went to Icon Achive to search. The website is

Then, save the icon and place it in the pendrive/hard drive which it's icon you want to change.

Step 2: Typing the Autorun

First ,open Notepad .Then,type out this out:

icon=(icon name).ico

label=(pendrive name)





Don't forget to replace the icon name with your icon name and pendrive name with what you want to name your pendrive/hardrive. Remember to save the note as autorun.inf. Place that in the pendrive/hardrive with the icon.

Note: About the content, you can edit what you want to put in the drive. If you just want to put documents , replace true with falses.

Step 3: Time to Test!

So you got everything in the removable disk? Good, now safely eject it. (I guess you will just pull it out anyway)

Plug it in back.

Step 4: Done Like Dinner! (actually, It's Faster Than Making Dinner)

Okay ,at this point a new icon will appear. A advantage of this is that, you can find out which is which drive by looking at the icon! Sorry! Could not put the Instructables icon ! It was blur!

Thanks for seeing my first instructable! And comments please! I love comments!



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