Adding Machine Planter




Introduction: Adding Machine Planter

What can you possibly do with an old vintage adding machine that no longer works?  Well, you can toss it in the trash, or you can make an interesting planter from it!

I found an old broken adding machine at a flea market -- the machine didn't work (and was not worth fixing), but the plastic housing was in really good shape.

I began by removing all the inside parts (and saved a few of the parts for a future project). 

Next, I made panels from some scrap black plastic to cover all the holes and glued them on the inside using a waterproof silicone adhesive.

The final step was fill it with potting soil, and select an appropriately sized plant.  Since I planned to put this under a covered patio, I picked one that does well in the shade.

This was an easy project, and makes for an interesting planter!



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