After making your photo album (you can buy a kit from http://tamijo.com/kit ) you will want to add some photos! You can follow this Instructable to get a beautiful album. You can add as much or as little as you would like to your album. Be creative! You can get some inspiration here: http://www.tamijo.com/make

Step 1: Materials

To get started you will need to clear yourself a table, turn off the phone, and get ready to get crafty!
You will also need:
Finished album
Template included with album or kit (3 3/4 inch square of cardstock)
6-24 photos
Glue or other adhesive (acid-free!)
Scissors or paper cutter
Cut papers (6) 4 inch squares & (24) 4 inch triangles (may have been included in your kit)
Embellishments: ribbon, stamps, stickers, punches
Nice one, thanks. Photoshop in live :)
i recently made an accordion greeting card based on another instructable. your example looks great too and i am going to use some of the bits here in my next card. thank you

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