The Super Circuits PC165DNR camera is a very low light color video camera that is excellent for use with a telescope or for allsky meteor capture. It has buttons that allow the user to set various exposure times and hot pixel blocking. BUT, the buttons are on the side of the camera and when using it with a telescope or mounted in an outdoor housing. Make it very hard to make changes to it as needed.
In this instructable I plan to show how I added  remote control breakout box and arduino web based control capability to the PC165DNR Camera.

Actually this project could be used to control almost any device that uses a momentary on type of button.

I use this camera to observe lightning and meteors and occasionally I needed to change the settings on it.
With the camera being at the top of a 30 foot tower it was rather hard to make changes, What I needed was a way to control it remotely!
It's also handy when using this camera on a telescope because it allows changes to the camera settings without having to touch the camera and cause shaking or missalignment of the scope.
Thus this project was born.
Of course you must know that modifying your camera in this way will VOID any warranty it may have! Just FYI!

Step 1: Tools Needed

To get started we first need to get the camera opened up so we can get to the OSD buttons.

For this you'll need a small phillips screwdriver and a small allen wrench to remove the CS lens adaptor (If installed)
You'll also need a soldering iron, solder and a length of cat-5 ethernet cable with an RJ-45 connector on one end  and a nibble tool or a small wirecutter to cut a notch  in the case for the remote control cable to extend from,

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Bio: My name is Kevin Palivec. I'm a network engineer who lives in Texas. I love building useful stuff from scavenged parts.
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