Picture of Address Label LANDSCAPE design
Some charities will send out free address labels to help increase awareness of their cause or as a small token in hopes to get you to donate to them. I have accumulated literally hundreds of address labels and although I still enjoy writing letters and sending actual cards to friends and family I know I will never use them all. Being the "collector" that I am, I couldn't bear to dispose of them either, so I decided to use them to create a landscape. 
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Step 1:

Picture of
All you need are the lables, a pencil, a larger piece of paper and a scissor.

Step 2: RED

Picture of RED
First I went through the  sheets of address labels and tried to separate them into piles of similar colors.

Step 3: ORANGE

Picture of ORANGE

Step 4: YELLOW

Picture of YELLOW

Step 5: GREEN

Picture of GREEN

Step 6: BLUE

Picture of BLUE

Step 7:

Picture of

Step 8: Brown

Picture of Brown

Step 9: Misc

Picture of misc

Step 10: Color folders

Picture of color folders
I put all the sheets into color coded folders to make it easier to keep the separate. 

Step 11: Begin

Picture of begin
I chose brown paper to use as my base and began by drawing  pencil lines to indicate where I might make my landscape.

Step 12: Sky

Picture of sky
I began with the sky

Step 13: Continue

Picture of continue
I continued to work my way down the landscape

Step 14: Details

Picture of details

Step 15: Flower gardens

Picture of flower gardens

Step 16: Field of lavender

Picture of field of lavender

Step 17: Beginning of a bush

Picture of beginning of a bush

Step 18: Autumn leaves

Picture of Autumn leaves

Step 19: Spring snow

Picture of spring snow

Step 20: Evergreen tree on the hill

Picture of evergreen tree on the hill

Step 21: Finished bush

Picture of finished bush

Step 22: Done

Picture of Done
poofrabbit2 years ago
What a nifty twist on a mosaic look, love it!
tuggs1242 years ago
That's so awesome! Nice job!
bajablue2 years ago
SO artistic... LOVE!
Susan Cirigliano (author)  bajablue2 years ago
Thank You!
Diane0562 years ago
Using a medium for an art project that most of us would normally throw away in our landfills is wonderful. I also LOVE this picture.
Very creative! Excellent job.