You know what I love? Wooden-framed lamps with paper shades.  I saw a lamp like this while visiting friends in the states and decided to build my own.  It's a nice simple design that's quite easy to build with basic tools, and works out a lot cheaper than buying one!

You'll need:

- four longish (about 8 feet or 2.4m) pieces of square lumber
- wood screws
- a light socket, switch, cable and plug
- a hand saw
- a drill
- a screwdriver
- a tape measure
- tissue paper or cloth
- glue

Step 1: The Design

The design is pleasingly simple- cut 12 short pieces from your wood, make a box frame at one end for the lamp shade, with a bar across the bottom to attach the light socket to, and an H-shaped rung at the other end.

You'll need to choose a width for the lamp, which determines the length of the short pieces you cut.  Somewhere between 8" and 12" (20cm to 30cm) works well.  Bear in mind that a wider lamp will end up less tall, as you're cutting more wood off the legs, so consider what proportions you'd like when making this choice.   For instance, with 8' lumber, if you make the short pieces 8" then the lamp will end up 6' tall as you're cutting off 3 * 8" from each leg.  If you made it 12" wide, the lamp would end up 5' tall. 

Alternatively, you can plan your measurements based on the materials you want to make the shade from- I was using big sheets of tissue paper so this wasn't a factor.  The diagram shows roughly the measurements I built to.
Great Tutorial! But please put away most of those Electircal chords! <br> Overtaxing your plugs! <br> <br> <br>(firefighter)
Hehe- most of the wires you see are network cables or USB, my Raspberry Pi server is just off the left hand side of the photo. The only things I have plugged in are the lamp, USB hub, router and a USB charger, but thanks for the concern :)
Simple and beautiful

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