This summer I was building my first CNC ROUTER,
and I got confronted to the following issue:

I only have ONE stepper motor for X axis.
But X axis is driven on both sides by a threaded rod and a nut.

the need was : fast transmission, medium torque, and relative position kept.

I first thought about TIMING BELT.

Problem is, I got a low budget and most of all, it would not match exactly the size of my router.

So I came up with the idea of doing a belt myself.

Step 1: First Attempt : Mesuring Tape Belt

Remember it needs to transmit exact position from a rod to an other.

So I need something inextensible and flexible.

What about a belt made out of a measuring tape?

It worked, it was custom to my router.

BUT it broke at the junction, and it was offering too much resistance to the movement, so the router couldn't go quite fast.

I thought: "It's not a good belt then, let's find something else."

(the only thing I regret is the nice look of the belt with all figures around it !)

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