My wife wanted a cell phone holder for her desk , so after looking around she didnt find one that she liked .
so i decided to make her one that could be up off of the desk but still reachable

It is adjustable for clamping onto the shelves ( multi positional you could say)


Materials need for this project :                                         cost

1  sheet of lexan 8"x 10"                                               $ 4.79
8  1/4 x1/2  bolts with nuts                                            $ 2.50
1  #6  x 3/4  bolt w/ wingnut & lock washer                  $ 1.49
2  small squeeze  clamps                                             $ 1.50
1/2 sheet of peel and stick foam                                   $ 0.50
2  thin flat washers                                                        $ 0.30
                                                             TOTAL              $ 11.08

Tools used
safety googles
measureing tape
bandsaw w/ metal blade
heat gun
benchtop metal break
drill bits    3/16    9/64   1/2
hobby knife
cordless drill
dremel with a cutoff wheel for metal

everything can be bought at your local hardware a.k.a  lowes , home depot  except for the foam
the foam was bought at walmart for $4.99  you get 6 peices in the package and in differnet colors so the cost was cut down to a half of a sheet

Step 1: STEP 1

The first thig was to determine the size i wanted .the size i wanted to end up with was 6 3/4 in  wide and  3 1/4 in tall .  so i cut my pieces at 4  1/2 in   by 6  3/4 in for the main part and  4 3/4 in  by 3 in for the base
i rounded all corners off just for safety reasons

On the main part i measured 1 1/2 in up and made a bend slightly more than a 45 deg angle.  you end up with the 3 1/4 tall and 6 3/4 wide

on the base i measured up 1 1/2 in up (the 3 in side ) and made a 45 deg bend .   you end up with the 4 3/4 wide and 1 1/3 tall 

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