Recently while on holidays with my family at our onsite van my somewhat broken father needed to spend time on his back with his legs in the air due to issues with his legs. Unfortunately we had no suitable way to have him do so in the cool of outside rather than sweltering inside the van. Fortunately I always travel with a few tools (saws, drills etc) and there was a hardware store near by! Thus was born my design for a day bed that could allow him to have his legs raised while still comfortable, but could also be used as a bench seat with a back for use at other times.
I am not a carpenter, I know it is over built and could probably be built with lighter timber and less legs. However we aren't light in my family and I will not put my fathers already fragile body at risk with something which could conceivably fall down. My father set a criteria that it must be able to be pulled apart for storage in the vans annex should they desire to so its on removable legs and the back can slot in and out. The cushions are old bed mattresses made out of sponge rubber from the van. I am planning on cutting them down some and recovering them with nicer material.

Step 1: Plan It Out!

Given lack of access to a computer while on holidays the plan was a simple A4 sheet sketch which as the project advanced was modified somewhat. I will put a more accurate plan in via sketch up when I get a moment.
<p>Nice in combination with loft or under-bed storage.</p>
<p>Wow, looking at the reviews and the design, I really want to make it. Should help with my recently strained (and recovering, slowly.) back. :-)</p><p>The teeth might be the hardest thing for me to do... My hand to eye qordanation is a bit more of a straight/square shape lover. If that made sense? Meh, anyway it looks great! (sorry if I rambled a bit...)</p>
Yes, I have herniated discs pressing on nerve roots that cause pain in my lower back &amp; neck plus sciatica. I have been getting by with using my TENS unit, a heating pad &amp; laying on a blanket on the floor &amp; resting the bottom half of my legs on the seat of a chair or ottoman. So this device would help me a lot! Definitely interested!!
<p>Dad suffers from Ankylosing Spondylitis and complications due to poor circulation in his legs. Constant pain. Used a TENS unit, heat all sorts of things. This bed though cleared up his leg ulcers and significantly reduced the pain he was in during the holidays. He likes it so much we are building him a new one for home as well! So it seems to be a pretty good design! If you build it I hope it helps you!</p>
<p>Smal detail - wouldn't it be sturdier to inverse the direction of those 'dragon teeth'? Nicely done, btw!</p>
<p>Hi and thanks! As I said in the instructable you could have the teeth either direction. We found that the way we have them works best for the feet end as it allows direct pressure down the supporting arm to the teeth rather than at an angle (therefore stronger for those panels. For the head end it would possibly be better to have them the other way, Or even put the teeth on a rail on the actual plywood. My father has decided he likes it so much that he wants one for home as well. So I might just put it the other way on the home version and see if it works better. Still, it works fine the way we built it :)</p>
<p>Great job! Very impressive! I struggle with chronic back and joint issues, and have been picturing building something similar for - literally - years. Well done!</p>
<p>Thanks! My father has been using it extensively for a couple of weeks now. He loves it, thinks it is very comfortable!</p>

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