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After seeing a lot of articles online about how terrible sitting all day is for your body, I decided to try a standing desk. And since most of the articles I read also said that standing all day was no fun, I didn't want to make the transition permanent. I looked for adjustable monitor mounts from Ergotron and Kangaroo, but ones with dual monitors and keyboard trays were $400-600. Plus, reviewers commented that the keyboard trays had a tendency to bounce since they're cantilevered. I knew I could do better for cheaper.

Monitor Parts list:
Monitor mount
2"x8"x6' board
18"-24" full extension, self-closing drawer slides, depending on your height (2)
1.5" angle brackets (4)
1" black iron pipe
     close nipple
     3.5" nipple
     end cap
     straps (2)
1.5" long 3/8" dia. lag bolts (4)
1 1/4" drywall screws
a gate latch, I found this one at Lowe's. It's nice because the two sections are the same size.

Keyboard Parts List:
pine stair tread
1/5" square table legs (4)

magnetic drawer catches, non-locking (4)
1.5" wide hinges (4)
bronze folding table leg brackets (4)

Estimated cost: $150

NOTE: Stain and varnish all wood before construction. I did it the other way around and it took much longer than necessary, but I was too eager to put the parts together first.

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Step 1: Measurements

Picture of Measurements
First I needed to figure out what heights was comfortable to work at. This was my inelegant first attempt. For my 28" high desk and 5'10" body, having the keyboard 12" off the surface and the center of the monitor 33" off the surface was a sweet spot for me.
surfer82 years ago
Nice work. If you live near a computer recycle place you might want to look for an old (1985 or so) Intergraph workstation. I found one for $18. I replaced the original 1985 computer with a new one and replaced the Dual CRT's with new led monitors. The whole thing raises and lowers electrically. The monitors tilt electrically and the desk section is pneumatically adjustable. I included a couple of pictures to help with the explanation. It is even sitting on great casters.
original 1985.jpgdrawing.jpg