I have seen many many many stands. But they dont all have the ability to adjust at which angle you want to see the screen. So i created this stand that can actually stand at 4 different angles. It is quite stable. Also the best part is you can easily attach headphones and sound is loud and clear as ever.

So lets get started!

Step 1: Base!

For the base you need

8 2x4 double standard pieces
3 4x4 flat pieces
2 2x6 double standard pieces

Look at the Pictures for Help!

First off 6 2x4 double standard pieces in a row. Then take your flat pieces and clip them on top of the double pieces like a layer. Your next step is to take the two double standards that are left and clip them on vertically on each side of the base. After that take the two remaining pieces and place them horizontally in the middle so there is one gap on either side of the pieces.
<p>I keep looking all over the place for a good lego stand for phones, could not find one so I built my own.<br>I am going to make another one with stands like yours as a base, thank you for the great instructible.</p>
I've never seen an adjustable iPod Touch stand before. Great solution!
Yea, the idea struck me hard in the head. Its not a very popular instructable tho.

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