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After I went thought the instructable other users have made about paracord belts, I noticed that there was only one adjustable belt but unfortunately it had a clasp and tongue type buckle. I liked the the idea of a paracord belt but I wanted to be adjustable and I did not want a clasp and tongue type buckle since I am not a fan. My belt will be made in a 14 strand flat braid using separate 7 cords. I think as a survival belt this would be better suited since a single cord can be removed with a bit of effort but the belt will not fall apart and become un-usable.

I have also seen a different design that uses 2 D-rings and a piece of webbing but I also decided against that design as well since its basically a webbing belt wrapped in paracord.

For this instructable I will be using a buckle I made myself for a everyday webbing belt.

I also made a  instructable on how to make a No Weld Belt Buckle over here. http://www.instructables.com/id/No-Weld-Belt-Buckle/

The buckle is made to a design similar to the Soviet Military belt buckles. http://warrelics.eu/forum/equipment-accessories-personal-items/soviet-belt-buckle-naval-25936/ The buckle is made from stainless steel plate that had been polished and TIG welded together. 

Step 1: This is what you will need.

Picture of This is what you will need.
The belt will be of such a design that you will be able to substitute my type of buckle to a different type for example a plastic clasp.

I also had some trouble finding the right parts for my belt since the store I brought the clasps and D rings, only stocked clasp for thin webbing. All the buckle and clasp where cheap enough so I brought a sample of each

So this is the parts list.
- Paracord (Different colors if you feel happy)
- Clasps, buckles and D-rings(See pictures)
- Scissors
- Lighter
- G-clamp (optional)
- Paperclips (optional)
- Belt (optional but useful for sizing)
Chrystalkay3 years ago
I would really like to see what the weave looks like done, but the pictures ar a bit out of focus or it may just be the color and texture of the material. Could you do a small sample piece with an alternate color or with two colors so we can see the actual weave design?
itri454 years ago
hate to break it to ya but that doesnt look like real 550 cord. just sayin
jurienaude (author)  itri454 years ago
Hi I would probably say in between it was sold as paracord on a spool at the camping store. The guy told me it was cheaper type without a core and a lower breaking strength that they sell as replacement tent lines
CapnChkn4 years ago
In the 4th paragraph of step 2 you state:

"Using a belt of a piece to cord measure your waist to where you belt will naturally sit to hold up your pants and add about 20 of the lenth to the belt."

Twenty what?
jurienaude (author)  CapnChkn4 years ago
Sorry about that. It was late and I was tired. Thanks for pointing out.