Picture of Adjustable Table Top Book Rack
You want a cool weekend project?? How about a weekend project to do with your kids, to introduce them to the fun world of woodworking?  Interested?
Here is a cool table top book rack which is great to keep all those books organized on your don't have much books to problem...just push it in and it's would even work as books ends...sounds complicated???  NOT AT ALL!

This book rack is quick and very easy to's so easy, I did it as a back to school craft project for my kids' school....They loved it!
What's can get the cut list done at the lumber store...All you have to do is drill, glue, nail and paint!

I would love to take credit for this design...but to be has to be given to some Chinese...cause I saw this at a toy store and was very fascinated...I didn't want to dole out the cash for it ...cause...well I CAN DO IT for less than 1/4th of the price!
 ADDED ON 24th August 2013 -  Well....there was a no photo I didn't take snaps at first...but as my entry was rejected for the 'I can do it' , I went back to the shop and sneaked a couple of pictures! Thank God there was one left!
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Step 1: Cut List

Picture of Cut List

6 - 1" or 3/4" wide wooden slats about 15" long
4 - 3/4" thick 6"x 6" or 6" x6.5" wooden squares. ( doesn't make much of a difference...except you then know which side is up...easier   for kids!)

NOTE : the length of the slats will depend on how long you want the minimum length for your in my case...the minimum length would be approximately 12" if you were using 1/2" thick wood...then of course the length would be more.
786Ayesha1 year ago
Congrats !
shazni (author)  786Ayesha1 year ago
THANKS! till I saw your comment....I didn't even know I was a finalist....what with so many excellent entries! needless to say I'm thrilled to bits! :-)
jayati02151 year ago
Such an awesome idea. Very intelligent. I voted for you :)
shazni (author)  jayati02151 year ago
Thank you so much!
I can see a couple of other applications for the general idea:

-) An adjustable length storage crate. I always seem to have odd sized shelves and cabinets. Having a crate that would expand or contract some would be a big help.

-) Adjustable height, stand, table or stool: If you continue the structure around all four sides and turn it on the ends, you would have an adjustable vertical structure. Clamp it or otherwise prevent it from moving and you'd have a stable work platform.
shazni (author)  shannonlove1 year ago
thats a great idea! I'm trying to build a flip down table for my kids and was wondering about the chair... your idea would be cool to try out :-) many options! right now I'm imagining couch to bed??? perhaps with storage??..ahhh yes...I hope I get the time and cash to try it out!
786Ayesha1 year ago
This is brilliant shazni! voting right now :)
shazni (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz1 year ago
Toffy1 year ago
Very very clever......and such a grand idea!! I will vote....
shazni (author)  Toffy1 year ago
Thank you soooooo much! Please post a picture once you do !
Toffy1 year ago
Of course I would be out of printer ink.....will bookmark this so after the ink is in the printer I CAN DO THIS....!!! We are re-doing a room for a Computer/Business office so when my shelves go up I want these to hold my CD's...and DVD's....and then of course the book stuff. I am thinking that ppl have said "fold on itself" meaning that it slides and not folds....I can see that from the pics...and not a FOLDING option. I will either stain the wood or paint it to match the wall color. This is a great I have not found Bookends in any quantity to speak of for use to hold books. Seems like if I do they are horribly priced. I already have the wood...yeah!!! Thanks for this great project.
Earthlove1 year ago
Neat! I really like how it can fold it on itself. Very clear pictures and steps; glad the kids could personalize theirs. It also shows them they can make things themselves in the future, as a hobby and to save money. I voted for you! :)
shazni (author)  Earthlove1 year ago
Thanks so much for the lovely words and vote! yes the kids loved it...and the moms were so proud of their kids....they were actually amazed that their little babies can actually make something useful :-) lol
zikrah1 year ago
It's just lovely
shazni (author)  zikrah1 year ago
Thanks! Please vote for the weekend project when it comes up and the ' I can do it ' ..which it's already accepted for :-) . I would really appreciate it!
What a beautiful idea you had! I love it! :)
shazni (author)  lindarose921 year ago
Thank you so much... Was just reading up on your table to chair.. :-) my mom was interested in upholstering :-) she wants to do up some old furniture
Great! It's so much fun!!
darman121 year ago
You should enter this into the I Could Make That Contest! It fits the requirement perfectly :)
shazni (author)  darman121 year ago
Thanks! I have... I just hope it gets accepted :-)