This adjustable jump can provide hours of fun and exercise for dogs of any size and can even be scaled down for indoor use.

Step 1: Materials

  • half inch pvc pipe. I used three four foot lengths.
  • Four half inch T joints
  • Two half inch elbows.
  • Some colored tape to wrap the jump bars.

Step 2: My Construction and Assembly

I Cut one four foot length into six inch lengths. The other two I left at four feet. These measurements can be adjusted for the size of your dog and the space you are using it in.

Step 1 - assemble feet

Step 2 - assemble legs

Step 3 - attach legs to feet

Step 4- attach pre-taped cross bars.

<p>really neat</p>
<p>So simple and perfect for training! </p>
<p>This is cool! I think an action shot of you dog would be excellent! </p>

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