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This is Tuesday's edition of the 5 ibles in 5 days 'cage match' (as cailtinsdad put it).

Today we have a project that Ive been working on for a while (some of you might have seen it lurking in the background)

Up until recently i had been using my K'nex Laptop Stand However, it soon out lived its purpose in the quest for more desk space.

I had also got myself a vesa arm, intending to use it for a second monitor. So, my brain set into action, and i came up with this - What could essentially, be the most versatile adjustable laptop stand ever made. Because the vesa arm is meant to support alot of weight, im more than happy to have my macbook sat on it!

On with the show...

Materials needed
  • A vesa mount arm, complete with screws
  • A peice of scrap hardboard
  • A couple of L brackets
  • A few spare wood screws (short)
  • A couple of bits of wood, or metal bits for 'risers' (i used some hinge brackets)
  • An old monitor, with vesa mount holes in the back
  • Epoxy resin
  • Leather or neoprene
  • Some gmjhowe special dense card

Step 1: Attach & postion the vesa mount arm

Picture of Attach & postion the vesa mount arm
Ok, firstly you need to find a good location. Due to my desk consisting of a kitchen work top across two desks, i had to attach my arm to the bit where there was a gap.

Mine was a clamp version, so very easy to move around. Some are actually screwed to the desk.

Once you have your vesa mount clamped/attached you then need to position it so that it more suited to being used as a laptop stand, a few twists and turns later and you should have it sorted.
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very interesting.....might have to look for a similar one, or makeshift/recycle something.....indeed
DemonGal7116 years ago
I've been looking for something like this for a while now. Should fit my purpose. Of course, now I have to go search out an arm again... What brand is the arm used by chance? It looks rather sturdy compared to some I've seen.
gmjhowe (author)  DemonGal7116 years ago
Its a non branded one I got off ebay. I have tried to find one this good cheap for a while now, and have not succeeded. I think I was just lucky first time around!
Heh, most likely. Always seems like when you find something amazing, it's the last time you ever find it. Thanks anyway.
LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
Nice! I need to make something for mine
gmjhowe (author)  LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
Yes, yes you do, don't forget the mac only step!
Yes, macs are so beautiful (and they don't bsod)
gmjhowe (author)  LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
whats this 'bsod' that you talk of?
hehe, I suppose us mac users never see it Google "blue screen of death"
gmjhowe (author)  LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
wow! i just googled it, i can't beleave that OS would be so rubbish like that!

lets not mention kernal panic though, having said that, ive only encountered that once, and it was when i altered my firmware, so i was kinda asking for it.
I killed linux once (yes, it is possible)
gmjhowe (author)  LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
Actually its very easy.
Derin gmjhowe6 years ago
Just get a gun and point it at Linux.Then pull the trigger.
scott! Derin6 years ago
penguins guts all over, eww lol
Haha *I got tons of free linux swag last night :D*
i've been a pc sence i was 3 im 11 now and through all those years ive never experienced the bsod i geuss im just lucky
and-reas6 years ago
That is a really great idea! In 2 weeks or something I'm getting myself a laptop which doesn't support a 'real' docking station so this is a great replacement! Put laptop on standard, plug usb hub + audio + monitor in and your ready to go =D Thanks for neat idea.
abadfart6 years ago
very nice could this be used to mount a laptop in a truck
JellyWoo6 years ago
bumpus JellyWoo6 years ago
heres another monket emoticon bumpus @( o )@ its a happy happy monkey
huh i put symbols on eather side of the o but they disapered what the heck

ohh thats realy neat pie pie PIE
gmjhowe (author)  bumpus6 years ago
haha! monkey! my gf got him for me. he has magnets in his hands!
DTXPRESS6 years ago
Hey, got a quick question... can the arm hold the weight of your arm at all? i want to build one of these, but i dont have a wireless keyboard...would it still work? thanks
gmjhowe (author)  DTXPRESS6 years ago
Yes, the stand that i got hold of was designed to work with larger screens, so can easily take the weight of resting my arms on it,

How are you planning to have it set up? The ergonomics of using the built in keyboard set up the same as my desk will cause long term damage.
most likely it will be flat... as is it was sitting on a table top.
nemo30006 years ago
Hey chap What make is your wireless keyboard you store on the laptop, Kind Regards - David Nemo
gmjhowe (author)  nemo30006 years ago
It is a Apple Wireless Keyboard (click for link).

It works of the bluetooth built into most macs, so it only works with macs.
not true, they work with PCs and hacked Apples (OSX86) as long as they have a bluetooth module
sypher6 years ago
My vesa arm came with a laptop holder :p The vesa arm I have is much heavier in construction, I almost could not imagine using it for anything less than to keep my monitor on. Having monitor that is bolted to you desk, yet still able to move freely makes a computer usage much easier. If I ever got a tablet PC, I may set mine up to do the same thing. Like everything else you do, this is also just as clever :)
Nevermind6 years ago
Cool, I might try to make this sometime........ 5*, and favorited
elnino27836 years ago
How much did that adjustable arm cost you? I've been wanting to make my own stand, but I need two arms/mounts and haven't found anything cheap enough that I can buy from a retailer. My next move is to make a stand from galvanized steel pipes that can rotate and hopefully have a stiff enough fit to be stable for my laptop, and also a $25-$30 lcd mount from www.monoprice.com for my 2nd monitor.
gmjhowe (author)  elnino27836 years ago
i paid about 20 pounds for that, being about 40usd, its a good quality one, youcould easily use two of these for your setup, the clamp makes it easy to install, no drilling etc. Thanks for the comment!
Useful, thank you
gmjhowe (author)  hypermechanic6 years ago
Your welcome
JellyWoo6 years ago
very cool, u made this in a day????
gmjhowe (author)  JellyWoo6 years ago
No, not in a day - half the idea of the 5 ible 5 day thing, is most of the ibles are finishing off long term projects, this is one of those long term ones!
ohhhhhh! check out the ibles i have so far(2).
Guy.Fawkes6 years ago
Instead of tearing apart a monitor to get the "screw holes" (aka "blind nuts") you can pick so up at the local hardware store along with matching screws. An advantage to this is that the blind nuts they sell are meant to bite into the material you place them in, so you won't need to epoxy them in place (I'd do it anyway, though, my wife claims I overbuild things, but none of my projects has ever collapsed in use). Make sure you get screws that fit through the VESA arm mounting holes so you don't have to drill them out. My handy-dandy measuring tool says you want screws about 4 mm, or 1/8 inch, in diameter. Be sure to get "fender washers" with a matching hole. "Fender washers" are just larger-than-usual washers, to keep the screw heads from pulling through the VESA arm mounting holes. Lock washers should also be used, to keep the screws from vibrating loose and falling out (yes, even a Mac vibrates a little, due to the cooling fan). Nice project, good idea, very clear and concise.
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