The crowd is screaming for more, in your head you are Keith Moon then out of your sweaty mits the drum stick falls and you end up looking like Rick Allen. What you need is a fully adjustable stick holder.  Lucky you here is one I  made from bits lying around my shed,

you will need:
Cardboard tube (Aluminium or cling film tubes are ideal)
Rear reflector off a bike.
Plastic clip hangers for trousers or skirts.
Old bike inner tube.
Drill bit.
Nut and bolt.

Step 1: Cut to Size.

Get your empty  tube and put a drum stick in it, you will need to have enough of the stick showing  to be able to grab comfortably and don't forget that it will also need a plug in the bottom to stop it falling out. Cut some of the inner tube, just enough to roll up and plug the bottom then tape it closed.
Cool! We used to make these out of pringles cans back in the day.
Works perfect and love ot
What a great idea! I'll be making this as a gift for my boyfriend
Nice and simple, perfect!
Thanks, this is my first instructable. Thanks again for the comment.

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