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Introduction: Adjustable Lamp

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I rigged-up a low level lamp from the ceiling for photographing things (like Lego).
Originally I used the bayonet fitting from an old compact fluorescent lamp to plug into a light-fitting, and hung the lamp from a beam.
Today I modified the lamp by suspending it from an old steel tape measure reel with some rather hairy string.
It will position up and down over about 2 feet.



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    So, you removed the tape and replaced it with string? And the lock holds it in place? Is the mechanism strong enough to reel in the lamp when you let go the lock, or do you have to lift it? And why haven't you done an instructable on this??

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    I've made a counter-weighted one with Lego, I'll do that tomorrow. L

    The tape broke, and I replaced it with string. There's plenty enough friction to hold it over the 2 foot range (I took the lock off). It doesn't reel in as it's essentially balanced in the working range. I didn't make an instructable because it doesn't look good, and I knocked it together for practical purposes. It suits me, but as it is I don't consider it more than an idea for others. L

    Well, that is what instructables are for....instructing. My one on modding the Radio Shack voice recorder in a PC speaker case looks horrible, but is only meant as a starter for ideas :-)

    If I make a better one I will (and I'm thinking about that...) L

    wow i never thought of that normally i tie a light bulb and battery to a spool of fishing line then pput a nail in the wall to hold the spool i made like a locking mech for it somewhere i might use this next time i make something in my garage