Picture of Admiral Ackbar Slipper Boots
Warm and cozy slipper boots with a sci-fi twist. These are meant to resemble Admiral Ackbar, but you could tweak the fabric and felt to create other creatures.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
*1/4 yard boot material (I have size 6 feet and got 1/2 yard just to be safe but I had a lot of fabric left over. I used cuddle fleece. It is very soft and warm, but makes a mess as you can see in all the following pictures :D)
*black and gold felt (or other colors if you are making something different)
*pattern-making material like poster board
*sewing pins
*polyester stuffing
*hot glue 
*sewing machine or needles and thread (I did most of the work by hand since the fleece didn't like my sewing machine)
aezwen2 years ago
Can you do a Yoda version next?
rachaelwhitaker (author)  aezwen2 years ago
I like this idea very much.
Henge2 years ago
It's a Trap!
these were in my plans for the contest! lol. i was going to make akbar slippers for my husband :)
Honus2 years ago
Those are awesome!!
Those are sweet! And they look really soft :)
Thank you! They are so snuggly and warm.