Picture of Admiral Ackbar Slipper Boots
Warm and cozy slipper boots with a sci-fi twist. These are meant to resemble Admiral Ackbar, but you could tweak the fabric and felt to create other creatures.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
*1/4 yard boot material (I have size 6 feet and got 1/2 yard just to be safe but I had a lot of fabric left over. I used cuddle fleece. It is very soft and warm, but makes a mess as you can see in all the following pictures :D)
*black and gold felt (or other colors if you are making something different)
*pattern-making material like poster board
*sewing pins
*polyester stuffing
*hot glue 
*sewing machine or needles and thread (I did most of the work by hand since the fleece didn't like my sewing machine)

Step 2: Patterns

Picture of Patterns
1. Sole pattern. Make sure to leave plenty of room for seams. Mark your pattern side so you don't end up with two lefts! Cut 2
2. Shoe pattern. This part of the boot covers the foot. Again, make it large enough to allow for seams. Cut 2
3. Eye cylinder base and top. I didn't get a photo of the circle for the top of the eye, but you get the idea. The eye diameter I used was 1.4 inch, so the cylinder rectangle was 4.3 inches by 2 inches (bah math!). If you want to make small eye, adjust as needed. Cut 4 of each
4. Leg pattern. Adjust measurements as necessary for your calf size and desired height of boot. Cut 2

Step 3: Eyes

Picture of Eyes
I started with the eyes first since my cat thought the little pieces were toys. My sewing machine tried to eat the cuddle fleece so I had to hand sew these.

Fold the cylinder side in half  with right sides together and sew. Attach the circle with the wrong side on top and sew. Turn the cylinder inside out.
aezwen2 years ago
Can you do a Yoda version next?
rachaelwhitaker (author)  aezwen2 years ago
I like this idea very much.
Henge2 years ago
It's a Trap!
these were in my plans for the contest! lol. i was going to make akbar slippers for my husband :)
Honus2 years ago
Those are awesome!!
Those are sweet! And they look really soft :)
Thank you! They are so snuggly and warm.