This is a great gift idea for any graphic design nerd in your life. These are pillows modeled after the icons for the Adobe CS4 programs.
Mine are big, but it's very easy to make them smaller. I will explain that along the way.

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need:

At least 1 needle
Straight pins
a yard of black fabric (I used the fleece like blankets are made of. I find that it doesn't fray around the edges and it makes the pillows super soft.)
1 10 lb. box of stuffing
1 yard each of the colors you would like to use for your pillows. I also used blanket fleece for this too.
ID (Indesign) is pinkish-purple
DW (Dreamweaver) is bright green
Ai (Illustrator) is bight orange
Ps (Photoshop) is blue
FW (Fireworks) is yellow
Black thread, and thread that matches each color of fabric that you bought
A printer with paper, I used 11x17 in. paper, but if you don't have that, 8.5x11 will work.

A sewing machine - this will make the process go a lot faster, but it is not required.

Haha! These are so sweet! I want them all :)
Aw thanks! These have managed to survive downsizing/moving 3 times since I made them, and they're not going anywhere in the near future. They make a great focal point for the futon that is in my home office!
Making these now. If I don't botch it horribly I'm making them for a fellow design nerd for the holidays. Awesome idea, thank you!
 My new years resolution is to make this and learn to sew
&nbsp;If I can manage it, so can you. I'm sure there are plenty of instructables that teach how to sew, and these are actually a lot easier than they may seen.<br /> Good luck, and feel free to post a picture of yours if you make them.
&nbsp;I bought the black fabric for the lettering, but I am yet to buy the colored fleece. I learned to sew last week and it looks like I am fully committed to making these! wish me luck! happy new year!
&nbsp;Good luck!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> You may try looking at Hobby Lobby for the fabric, if they have it on sale. They often put 40% off coupons on their website too, on the page where the weekly ad is. I bought the Ai and InDesign fabric there.<br /> Otherwise, it's really cheap at Wal-Mart and they have a wide variety of colors usually.<br />
:D&nbsp;I&nbsp;love these pillows! They are so cool, and I&nbsp;can never have too many pillows, so maybe I'll make one :D&nbsp;
&nbsp;Thank you so much! I agree, you can never have too many pillows.
&nbsp;Sigh.... I'm still working with Adobe CS. Made before they invented numbers.
&nbsp;<a id="fck_paste_padding" rel="nofollow">I used to use CS. When I started thinking about making the Adobe Icons for pillows, the ones for CS were the first to come to mind. I was going to make a pattern for them and printing them through this custom fabric website online, but it just became too expensive. For the cheap fabric on that website, it was $18 a yard.<br /> If you can save up the money to upgrade though, CS4 is pretty amazing. They will probably lower the price of it around April. If Adobe follows their 18 month pattern, that's when CS5 should be released.&nbsp;<br /> I went straight from a PC with CS2 to a Mac with CS4 this November.</a>

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