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This 10 step instruction set is created for a user that possesses basic familiarity with Adobe Flash Professional. These instructions will allow the user to enhance a photograph using the “mask” and “shape tweening” features. The mask feature provides the “dimmed” effect of the image in the final product. It can be simply activated by right-clicking the desired layer in the timeline window. The “shape tweening” feature allows for the created shape to move throughout the image.

- To complete this activity you will need a digital photograph, ideally showing you (your face), and possibly family and friends. A photograph that fits these descriptions is most easily obtained using Facebook.

Step 1:

1.  Open Adobe Flash Professional on your computer. Select file/create new/Action Script 3.0

Step 2:

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2. Create layer 1, your background layer. Import your selected photo by selecting File/import to stage. Adjust the size of the photograph to the same size as the stage. Perform this by selecting modify/transform/scale option.

Step 3:

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3. Once your image is correctly placed, select the image, then select modify/convert to symbol. In the dialog box that appears, save this symbol as a graphic. Label this symbol “Photograph”. In the properties window to the right of the image, select the color effect drop-down box and select brightness. Use the slider to adjust the image brightness to -70.

Step 4:

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4. Select frame 60 in the timeline window. Insert/timeline/keyframe.

Step 5:

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5. Create layer 2 by selecting, insert/timeline/layer. Label this layer “Regular Photo”. Select window/library to access the images used in the movie. Select the same image that was used in layer 1(with no brightness modifications). Drag this image from the properties window directly on top of the dimmed image.

Step 6:

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6. Create layer 3 by selecting, insert/timeline/layer. Label this layer “Spotlight”. Using the oval tool located in the toolbar to the right of the image and the properties window. Draw a circle about one inch in diameter in the left corner of the image. Make sure that you select a fill color for the circle. The “paint bucket” is located at the bottom of the toolbar.

Step 7:

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7. “Animate” the spotlight by selecting frame 1 in the spotlight layer and select insert/classic tween.

Step 8:

8. To create a path for your spotlight, left-click frame 20 in layer 3(spotlight). Select insert/timeline/keyframe. Drag the spotlight to the lower left corner of the image. Then, left-click on frame 60 in the same layer. Select insert/timeline/keyframe again. Drag the spotlight on the destination you would like your circle to stop on. (Preferably your face)

Step 9:

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9. Review your movie by selecting control/play all scenes, control/rewind, control/play. This is your opportunity to adjust the specific characteristics of your circle. (Size, path traveled)

Step 10:

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10. When your circle is satisfactory, right-click layer 3 in the layers window. Select Mask.

Step 11:

11. Select control/play and enjoy your movie!

Step 12:

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12. To save and share your project you must export it as a movie by selecting, file/export/export as movie.


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