Adobe Flash CS for Beginners




Introduction: Adobe Flash CS for Beginners

Go to this link if you don’t have a copy of Flash CS 5.5
After downloaded and installed open link two

Step 1: Show You the Different Types of Windows

Link two will show you the different types of windows that you can use.

Video Two

Step 2: The Basics

Link three will show some of the basics like how to make new layers/ folders, lines, shapes, and adjust lines.

Video Three

Step 3: How to Make Symbols

Link four will show you how to make symbols and what the three functions are.

Video Four

Step 4: How to Make Objects Move

Link five will show you how to make objects move for example a ball bouncing.

Video Five

Step 5: Exercises

Link six and seven are exercises. Link six makes a 3d room and link seven makes a clock.

Video Six

Video Seven



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