Adobe Photoshop CS3: Aura Effect for Dummies

Picture of Adobe Photoshop CS3: Aura Effect for Dummies
In this Instructable I'm going to show you how to make a "Aura Effect" using Adobe Photoshop CS3. It is possible to do this in nearly any version of Adobe Photoshop, the process just might differ slightly.

First I will show you the tools that we're going to be using, which we will need the Gradient Tool, and the Pen Tool.
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Step 1: Selecting and using your Gradient

Picture of Selecting and using your Gradient
Select your Gradient Tool and clicking on the Gradient Color Settings on the top menu, pick the colors you want the background to be. For what we're doing here, I usually stick with colors close to the same side of the color wheel, of different hues.

For this instructable I choose a deep purple blue fading to a blue teal.

Start from bottom to top with your Gradient, and as long as you HOLD SHIFT the Gradient will stay straight all the way up the page.

Step 2: Creating a selection with the Pen Tool

Picture of Creating a selection with the Pen Tool
Now to make a selection with the Pen Tool. Using the Pen Tool in Photoshop is more of an Art than anything, so don't get frusturated and give it, the tool certainly takes time to master.

With the Pen Tool, a single click will make a point, but if you click and drag the Pen Tool then creates curves on the points.

Step 3: Creating your Aura Gradient

Picture of Creating your Aura Gradient
Now to create your Aura Gradient.

When ever in doubt of what you're doing, make a layer for it. It's alot easier to delete a layer and start where it left off, rather delete the whole picture because you didn't make layers.

For the Aura Gradient, I'm picking white which seems to turn out pretty well. You can pick any physcdelic color you want for your gradient, mix and match, have fun with it.
ive have done everything the same as u but i get my"aura" gradient and it wont let me use it. i click and it says "could not use the gradient tool because the content of the layer is not directly editable" plz help me
hey u just have to right click the layer and click rasterize/ convert to smart object and then try again. it should work, good luck!!!!!! :)
Either you locked the layer or it is the background layer --- first check that you have made a second layer to work on < put the initial gradient the right click on the layer and duplicate the layer 2. If you do not delete the layer that you used the pen tool on the mask is not functional Use the pen tool- select the area - then delete the mask layer and you can coy and paste from the gradient layer. 3.check the lock on the layers menu if it is closed then it is locked , click on the lock icon to unlock when it is open then you can use the layer 4 right click on the layer if the rasherize layer is black then click on that to rasherize the layer and have a workable layer
inminor5 years ago
I don't understand how to use the gradient tool like you. i just get i white circle. What am i doing wrong?
itskeiser6 years ago
Any chance you know how to do this in illustrator for cs3? the gradient tool seems different
mrgy05 (author)  itskeiser6 years ago
Yes, though, Illustrator is based off vectors and not bitmap images like Photoshop, so it is more difficult (you have to mask gradient layers of opacity) I can try to add an instructable if you still need to know how.
Ashinka6 years ago
The pen tool Isnt THAT hard to use.
these things come with your mac, these are awesome!
mrgy05 (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Yeah, and Windows Vista has a background that uses a type of concept too. I've also seen it used on the PSP, DS, and many websites / images I can't seem to count.