Step 3: Make your fire look real!

º Now that you have a glowing border around your flame, inverse your current selection and goto your filters. Choose the filter "Bas Relief" to gain a more solid transition between black and white within your fire, having the selection inversed will avoid filtering your border.

º Now goto your blending options (right click on layer and blend) to create some real fire!

º You will want to select Outer Glow / Inner Glow / Gradient Overlay

º Outer Glow: change the color of the glow to a light orange.

º Inner Glow: change the color of the glow to a dark orange. (Possibly expand the spread and size)

º Gradient Overlay: create your own flame look from red to yellow (orange in the middle) and spread it out from bottom to top (a 90º angle) also select blend mode "Color Burn" and click Ok.

º On to the final product...